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How to Drive 10x More E-commerce Sales With a $0 Marketing Budget

Worldwide E-commerce marketing is vast, and there’s a constant increase in it.

People prefer to buy products online over to visit the stores in person. That’s why the buying frequency online is way higher than that of offline.

The buying frequency online is too high, with 95% of Americans shop online at least once every year and 5% shopping daily.

But like everything else, E-commerce marketing also has some positive and negative aspects.

E-commerce marketing is a platform where there is an enormous number of marketers trying to get a hold onto the same customer you are after.

E-commerce marketing is difficult without any marketing and advertising budgets.

The competition to survive in the market is too harsh, with all those stores and markets out there, giving customers the chance to access different products from different shops.

And you need those sales to run your business, which is not easy at all.

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to maintain not only your buying frequency, but also amplitude it.

The below ways can help you drive 10x more sales.

Use Pinterest to drive sales

It might sound strange to many of you that if you are told to use Pinterest to bring in deals.

Well, you need platforms to promote your brand and your product. Pinterest can very well serve the purpose. It is a fantastic platform for bringing in sales, especially for your e-commerce products.

E-commerce brands like Wall Need Love have managed to drive in 94% of their social media users by leveraging Pinterest.

You can use Pinterest’s Buyable Pins.

Buyable Pins are efficiently used to drive in sales incredibly. These pins allow the users to search and buy the products directly on Pinterest, irrespective of the users’ device.

And the best news is that it’s FREE.

You don’t need to pay anything to set up Buying Pins.

But why Pinterest? Is there anything more than just a few beautiful pictures?

Well, it’s worth the use.

Pinterest is used mostly by females of varying age, but males are getting drawn to it gradually.

 It has users all around the world with different income levels.

87% of people on Pinterest have purchased a pinned product, while 93% of pinners have used the pins to plan future purchases.

Pinterest allows users to view the product and analyze the benefits they might get from it. They can easily explore your products.

Pinterest can drive a lot of traffic, helping your business.

Add more checkout options

Another annoying feature of many e-commerce sites is the lack of checkout options. This makes a lot of users leave the site without a purchase, turning out to be a loss for your business.

In a study, PayPal found that only by adding their fast and secure transaction ability to a site can bring 70% more checkout conversion rate. 

It was also found that 24% of online shoppers leave, without a checkout, because of the lack in checkout options.

A simple change in the checkout section can increase a lot more sale.

Send cart abandonment emails

When a product is added to the carton to your e-commerce site, there is a lot of chance that they won’t buy the product, instead, leave the site abandoning it.

As per a report, the global average cart abandonment rate is nearly 80%.

Even if you manage to get an interested customer to buy a product, there remains a chance of them abandoning your product.

Then what’s the use of all these marketing if people leave on by showing some interest?

That is when you need to email them, to remain about the product they were interested in buying. This can increase your sales instantly.

According to InboxArmy, 75% of people leave intending to return someday. But they forget. Your emails remain them about the product, and they are most likely to return and make a purchase.

Upsell to repeat customers

It has always been easier to sell to an existing customer than to gain a new.

To gain a new customer, we need to do a lot of work starting from brand awareness to giving attracting offers. 

This is expensive.

Rather than attracting a new one, why not go for the existing one.

They are aware of you and love your service. 

And you also have their email addresses. 

Now, you need to send them an upsell email, to divert their attention towards you.

This can help you increase your sales even further.

Set up an Instagram storefront

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, where visually attracting different e-commerce marketers to sell products.

With nearly 1 billion monthly users, it’s one of the most commonly used networks, where people follow popular brands.

According to Instagram, 80% of their accounts are business accounts. And about 75% of their users take inspirations from their posts.

This lets users explore new products and brands, thereby, becoming one of the places to bring leads and organic sales.

On top of everything, Instagram is FREE from any charges.

You can fully use this platform to socialize your product and popularize your brand. 

The popular you are, the more business you get.


E-commerce marketing has become popular recently.

People shop more online than they buy in person. 

To survive in this market, you need to have a reliable product to compete against your market competitors. And with that, you need the above tips to land with sales.

Be competitive to survive.