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Best 6 Digital Marketing Strategies for B2B Business

Marketing professionals tend to stick with what works because their attention is always divided between multiple projects and responsibilities. To stay competitive in digital marketing, we have to continue to try new strategies and research the latest trends to find more things that work for our clients or organization.

Some of the best B2B digital marketing strategies that marketers needed to try in 2020. 

Live Streaming

Live streaming over the past few years has proven two things:

1) it works for almost every brand, and

2) social platforms prefer live streaming compared to scheduled or traditional types of content.

Here some ways by which you can incorporate live streaming into your existing social media marketing strategy:

  • Interviews and discussions with industry experts
  • Company news announcements
  • New product tutorials or walkthroughs
  • Sale announcements
  • Customer spotlights or interviews
  • Internal debate about industry topics

If you have an exclusive Facebook group that you manage, you can also go live. This is a great idea to provide tutorials/unique content.

Reddit and Quora Marketing

Reddit can seem a little scary to marketers that haven’t had a lot of experience with it. 

Quora is like Reddit but bases its content on visitors asking queries and other users giving solutions to them. They have started giving advertising options recently, so if brands find that answering questions on the platform isn’t being received warmly by users, they can try an advertising campaign instead.

Quora also likes users to be extremely transparent about who they are, past experiences, and who they’ve worked for. This helps to increase credibility when it comes to answering questions that they are knowledgeable about.

Email Newsletters

There has been an increase in the amount of easy email newsletter content created for users covering a variety of topics.

The success of many brands shows that online users don’t necessarily hate email; they hate emails that aren’t useful or interesting.

It provides a useful service, but it’s also setting up your company as a thought leader in the industry.

Mixing in your content with content from other useful media outlets is an excellent way to showcase your content to subscribers while also giving a service that users appreciate.

More Useful Content

More than four million new blog posts are published every day. While it’s likely that many of these contents aren’t high-quality pieces of content, the sheer volume of content in all industries makes it more competitive than ever.

A dedicated content strategy plan can set a precedent for all of your content creation going forward. 

To help our customers and clients, we need to have valuable services and create content for the audience. Because content marketing is competitive, if we don’t have what users are looking for, they’re just going to go to a competitor who understands them better.

Content Downloadables

Many people think it means ebooks or case studies, which can be the case. However, several other different types of downloadables are extremely helpful for your users that may not take as much time or development as a long-form ebook would have.

A good example of it is a template for a regular task in your industry or a short guide to completing an action.

Your organization can provide a one-page PDF that can help in several ways, including:

· Checklist of a new strategy, event, or piece of equipment

· Guidebook to help customers make a decision

· Educational overviews about industry terms, policies, or processes

· Compact how-to tutorials to create a process easier

In more cases, downloadables are easy to carry out. There’s even a paid campaign option found on Facebook that enables users to enter their information right on the social platform, without having to go to a separate landing page.

Exclusive Communities and Facebook Groups

If you are a product-based company, consider building a private gated online community or a private Facebook group. These types of communities are extremely helpful for users because it lets them ask questions and interact with other users and employees who can help them use your products/services.

The users in these communities also can provide you valuable feedback that you might not get otherwise because they feel invested in the product and are willing to go out of their way to share questions/suggestions they have. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t let what’s working for you in B2B digital marketing be an excuse not to try or not researching something new. You might find a strategy that works better than your current plan, thus growing your audience and online engagement.