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Project Overview

Talent Quarterly or TQ is quarterly Talent Magazine which provides digital edition of provocative, science-based, insightful articles from global management thought leaders. TQ is build on Magento Commerce with easy checkout out option to buy an eBook or eArticles on management.


Biggest hurdle was to keep the privacy of eBook and prevent the distribution of eBook on social platforms. Client wanted eBooks to be accessible directly through a download link that should expire based on preferences.

The Solution

Our Team of experts provided TQ an Online Piracy protection and implemented Digital Rights Management (DRM) system to achieve the challenge thrown by TQ. We came up with beautiful and Desktop and Mobile designs to help users do the shopping.

Desktop Environment

This website has easy looking Purchase options, Add to Cart functions and checkout options with appealing colour choices in sync with magazine’s corporate branding.

Beautiful Mobile Experience

Easy Mobile shopping experience is a must for any shopping cart and TQ is no different. User can easily purchase an eBook or eArticle from a device of his choice.