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HFY Technologies is your local Sacramento-based digital marketing company. Our expertise and specialty in getting local businesses to generate qualified online leads is as exciting as what happens next; our being instrumental in further increasing their business sales.

By way of example, on an Organic SEO Campaign we conducted for a gutter services company based in Portland, Oregon, we invite you to check out below our recent results:


  • Organic Search Engine Traffic – 322 Users
  • Organic Search Traffic Value – $1300 approx (Based on Google Ads PPC Value)
  • Leads through Google Traffic – 100 Leads (approx) through Google Business Phone Calls and Form Submissions
  • Avg. Lead Conversion Rate – 25%
  • Leads Converted to Sales – 25 New Customers
  • Avg. New Customer Value – $250 approx
  • Total SEO Value for August 2019 – 25 x 250 = $6250

Does the above end ‘SEO Value’ for this campaign ($6250) sound like a number you would like to mirror for your business? Think, HYF Technologies to make it happen for you. And we will!

For the Royal Gutters campaign, our ongoing SEO work is currently generating around $1300 worth of Google Search Engine traffic every month for this business. Furthermore, we had 300+ Organic Search Engine Traffic Users propagate the website last month. And, generating close to 100 Leads through online forms and phone calls as a result of continued Search Engine Traffic – for which we are responsible (the automation and the growth).

Additionally, out of 100 Leads, the average Lead Conversion Rate is 25% and each New Customer Value is approx. $250. Through our meticulous and incredibly hands-on SEO activities, these numbers compounded the ultimate monthly generated revenue for this business at close to $6250.

Here is more resulting data per our laser-targeted SEO Campaign:


Target Audience – Portland, Oregon and Surrounding Areas

  • Leaf Protection, Portland – Google Business Rank No. 1
  • Gutter Replacement, Portland – Google Business Rank No. 2
  • Gutter Installation, Portland – Google Business Rank No. 1
  • Gutter Repairs, Portland – Google Business Rank No. 2
  • Residential Gutters, Portland – Google Business Rank No. 2

Leaf Protection, Portland

Leaf Protection Portland

Gutter Replacement, Portland

Gutter Installation, Portland

Gutters, Portland

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