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PPC - Pay for what you get

  • No Visit. No Fee. PPC on your side. Hence the name, Pay-per-Click.
  • You get target-centric visitors to your website.
  • Improve your CTRs (Click-through-Rate).
  • Get ‘Extended Ads’ to show up for your products and services.
  • Gain more visibility with Local or Global advertising at your choosing.
  • Select from flexible budgets conducive to you.
We are PPC Agency in San Francisco & California


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We are PPC Agency in San Francisco & California

What we will do

  • Align our strategy with your sales goals.
  • Maximize and Optimize quality leads.
  • Lower cost per lead.
  • Provide superior ROI on ad spending.
  • Select Conversion-Based Keywords (CBK).
  • Prevent waste spending on wrong keywords.

Grow Sales FAST

  • AdWords are the quickest way to grow your sales FAST.
  • Gain Quality Traffic and Leads.
  • Reach your target audience faster.
  • Achieve more sales with less effort.
  • Enable your business to show up from Search Ads, Display Ads, etc.
  • Set up Re-Marketing Campaigns (RMC) to reach your audience again.
We are PPC Agency in San Francisco & California
We are PPC Agency in San Francisco & California

Get Reported

  • We will provide reports on your campaign measurements.
  • Weekly and Monthly reports on AdWords spent.
  • Track the time and area from which users are clicking to your ad.
  • Based on what’s working and what’s not, we will tweak your ads accordingly to make them work best for you.
  • We keep track of your expenses and apprise you with the same regularly.